High-Dosage Tutoring For Your School

Now you can start offering enrichment programs or remedial support to any student that needs it.

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Learning with Brilliant Grades Changes Everything

Now, you can offer your students online tutoring that isn’t constrained by the availability of teachers, the time of day, or unmanageable costs.

Joyful Learning

Your student will develop a passion for learning.

Improved Grades & Ability

Homework and testing get easier.

Enhanced Confidence

They will gain more confidence in their abilities and reach their fullest potential.

Communication & Collaboration

They will learn how to communicate and collaborate through group projects.

Admissions Support

Attending the college of their dreams becomes a reality.

Stable Community

They become part of a kind, caring, and stable community of teachers and peers.

How it works

Tutor Selection

You approve the list of tutors for your school (out of our database). We'll show you a curated list including their bio, and a video resume.

Student-Tutor Matching Process

You identify the students that need extra support. We match each student with a tutor based on their needs and learning style.

Working With 450+ Schools Nationwide

We'll help you give your students the extra attention they need to succeed.

Boost your students' grades

Your students will be paired with an expert tutor who will help them with homework and get back on track with their schoolwork.

Raise your students' confidence

Not only should our students improve their grades, they should feel confident they have the skills they need for lifelong learning.

Make teachers' life easier

We'll give your students extra support on any subject your teachers have indicated.

Learn About Our Tutoring Partnership With 450+ Schools Nationwide

In our Live Demo Webinar, we discuss our recruiting process, curriculum & pricing.

Brilliant Grades is different from typical academic support services

We believe every student can and should enjoy learning. Children are naturally creative. They learn at a different pace and have different interests, strengths and weaknesses.

We'll carry out your teachers' guidance and follow your curriculum.

Weekly reports so you always know how your student is progressing.

We'll help your students catch up or get ahead -with their classroom teacher in the loop every step of the way.

Give your students the academic edge they need.

We aim for 100% satisfaction of our families & students.
Not only should our students improve their grades, they should feel confident they have the skills they need for lifelong learning.


We'll meet students where they are, target their deficit area(s) and get them back on track.


We'll help students who need to learn at a higher level, helping them stay engaged and interested in learning.

Is High-Dosage Tutoring Right For Your School?

From elementary English to AP physics, our tutors help every student in exactly the way they need.

What Our Families & Partners Are Saying About Us

"We're seeing some fantastic results through Brilliant Grades. For us, they've helped our students fortify their Algebra 2 essential skills, especially those relevant to Pre-Calc next year."

"I can see the difference at home as well. She is definitely approaching school work in a different, more organised and goal-oriented way! Thank you!"

“You improved my child’s confidence and grades at school.”

"Michelle's reading has improved so much... She is doing amazing and it’s all thanks to your amazing team."

“Shantiah was ecstatic about her maths lessons. I can see a very clear progression in her studies. Her grades on the exams were higher than she's ever received before.”

“Jake is an amazing tutor! Our son is looking forward to their session every week and we are very confident about his upcoming exam.”

“My son was always bored, sometimes even scared before his Maths lessons. Now, this is no longer the case. The face-to-face tuition has really helped. My son now does his homework independently, without any pushing from me. Yesterday, his class teacher told me she is observing a good progression.”